Hogtrails, Inc. is a boutique Merger & Acquisitions advisor with the unique ability to source accretive non-auction companies


Hogtrails, Inc. is a boutique Merger & Acquisitions advisor with the unique ability to source accretive non-auction companies


The Hogtrails Difference


Since 1984 I have been creating and implementing strategic acquisition initiatives for public, private companies and private equity firms. Using my intuitive communication skills to source investment opportunities while building relationships for acquisition of non-auction assets and operating companies as add-ons to or formation of new platforms.

Pleasantly tenacious, I have created over a billion dollars in value for clients. I have never seen a business/industry that I could not figure out quickly, while creating valuable relationships leading to accretive transactions.



Industries of Interest

Experienced in many diverse B2C and B2B industries including but not limited to healthcare, business services, industrial technology, manufacturing, education, specialty distribution, logistics, transportation, refining, publishing, media, solid, hazardous, medical  waste. 

Transaction size


Geographical Areas of Interest 

Southeast and Midwest US

Paul Wittwer


I started the business on $114 investment and borrowed office furniture with no previous experience, after being a Registered Representative retail stockbroker for J.C. Bradford & Co. in Louisville, KY. I put my faith in my “innate ability” to figure it out.

While I have a BS in Marketing and Business from the University of Kentucky, most valuable is my lifetime of business experience.

I have always been guided by a moral compass, never originating a transaction in which I would be unwilling to put my own money at risk. Growing up in rural Kentucky, Hogtrails just seemed a natural fit.

I am an internationally recognized author and award winning mental health advocate, my greatest accomplishment.I 


  • Notable projects include:

  • Lincoln Educational Services (NJ): Led CEO of private parent organization through acquisitions in order to go public. Originated and closed acquisitions that accreted to 63% of the newly public market capitalization of $500 million.

  • Exiss (OK): Retained to restructure a young manufacturing company that had expanded too quickly without important infrastructure necessary to stop spending and sustain its growth. Within 6 months, initiated Lean manufacturing, led reorganization of sales department, reduced number of dealerships, streamlined products, and implemented strategies that reduced turnover from 49% to less than 10%. Delivered profits with leaner company and greater plant utilization. Crafted strategic plan that led to $300 MM consolidation rollup under new entity, Universal Trailer, bringing in many of the acquired companies originally contacted.

  • Erdmann Corporation (KY): Referred by bank to turn around this company on the brink of Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Within 4 months, reduced total debt by 85%, delivered balance sheet ratio of 2:1 with all payables 45 days or less and all without bankruptcy. 

  • Excelawn (KY): Retained by fifth largest lawn care service in US to find buyer. Compiled a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) and only sent it to one buyer. Within two weeks, closed at 60% premium over valuation.

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Hogtrails, Inc. has been providing comprehensive mergers and acquisition consulting services for more than 30 years, sourcing only the most profitable non-auction companies for acquisition, sale, merger or growth capital investment opportunities.

Creating successful deal flow takes passion, persistence and perseverance. Don’t delay, contact me today to discuss how together we can execute your successful acquisition strategy.  Let me help you discover opportunity in what you don't know you don't know!

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